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Pocket Doctor First Aid

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Presents action in case of the most common diseases, injuries, damage in the home and on the road before the arrival of medical assistance. Errors are pre-medical self-help, consumer manifestations of drug dependence. Covered the situation with fainting and nose bleeding, fever and food poisoning, insect bites and animals, thermal burns and stinging, a sharp increase in blood pressure, accidents.How to useAccording to the principle of lights:Green light indicates what you need to do first.Yellow - which is possible in this situation.Red about what not to do.To view the pictures, click once on the smaller copy.
Content:1. Increase in body temperature (flu, ARD)2. Headache3. The sharp increase in blood pressure (BP)4. Rhythm disturbance of the heart (arrhythmia)5. Pain, burning, gravity in the chest6. Backache7. Abdominal pain8. Allergic reactions9. Hangover10. Epistaxis11. Fainting12. Insomnia13. Electric shock and lightning14. Food poisoning or accidental medication, technical fluid15. Diarrhea16. Constipation17. Convulsions, epilepsy18. Burns19. Sunstroke20. Frostbite and hypothermia21. Bee sting, wasp, bumblebee, hornet22. Tick bite23. Small pets bite (hamsters, mice, rats), dogs, cats, foxes24. Snake bite25. Burns from stinging jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, injections of fish26. Burns from plants27. Sea urchin needlestick28. Surface wounds, abrasions29. Severe bleeding from the wound30. Bruises, sprains31. Broken limbs32. Choked on food, foreign body33. Brain commotion34. Household poisoning, carbon monoxide, automobile exhaust gases35. Drowning36. Signs of clinical death37. Resuscitation techniques
AuthorsIdea and content:Chaytsev Viacheslav - a doctor, a scientist, a teacher, a specialist in urgent conditions and preventive medicine with experience on five continents.Computer embodiment and designEvgeny Shaposhnikov - engineer, programmer.
Main ReadingFedorov NM CPR. - MIA, M., 2008.Chaytsev VG Forming of the life habits and health of the family and the school. - Press, Ryazan, 2009.David W. Where there is no doctor. 18th pr., U.S.A., 1998.Ireland on the Sunday Home doctor. Dublin, 2008.Junior citizen handbook. Metropolitan police.